Dr. Emiliano Fiori

Research Assistant, SFB 980 "Episteme in Bewegung"

Contact details
Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, 10117 Berlin
Room 330
Tel +49 (0)30/2093-66426
embfiori @remove-this.gmail.com


since 2012 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Lehrstuhl of Prof. Christoph Markschies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, within the Teilprojekt “Antike christliche Apokryphen” of the SFB 980 “Episteme in Bewegung” (also entailing a collaboration to the new edition of Hennecke-Schneemelcher’s collection of apocrypha).
2010-2012 Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, within an ERC project on Patristic Exegesis led by Dr. Hagit Amirav. Study of the Syriac version of Theodore of Mopsuestia’s commentary on the Pauline epistles.
2007-2008 Period of study in Paris, IRHT- Institut d’histoire et recherche des textes-Section grecque.
2007-2009 PhD candidate in “Social Sciences and Historical Studies on Religions”, University of Bologna. Advisor: Prof. Lorenzo Perrone.
PhD candidate (co-tutoring with Bologna), École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris (4th section). Advisor: Prof. Henri Hugonnard-Roche.
2000-2006 Undergraduate studies in Classical Philology in Bologna, Milan and Padua. “Laurea” (MA degree), University of Padua. Advisor: Prof. Paolo Bettiolo. Thesis on the first Syriac reception of Pseudo-Dionysius’ Mystical Theology, containing also an edition and translation of Sergius of Resh‘ayna’s Syriac version of the Mystical Theology.
1998-2004 Piano diplome, Conservatory of Padua.


«Dionigi l’Areopagita e l’origenismo siriaco. Edizione critica e studio storico-dottrinale del trattato sui Nomi divini nella versione di Sergio di Reš‘aynā», 557 pp. Defended 22 March 2010 (joint committee of Bologna University and the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris). 


The doctoral dissertation has been awarded the John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, 2011 edition, based in Heidelberg at the Forschungszentrum Internationale und Interdisziplinäre Theologie.



(1) Sergio di Resh‘ayna, Trattato sulla vita spirituale, intr., trad. dal siriaco e note a cura di Emiliano Fiori, Bose: Qiqajon 2008, 55 pp.

(2) Dionigi Areopagita. Nomi Divini, Teologia Mistica, Epistole: la versione siriaca di Sergio di Rēš‘aynā (VI secolo), edito da Emiliano Fiori, CSCO Scriptores Syri, Peeters: Louvain, forthcoming 2013.

(3) Dionigi Areopagita. Nomi Divini, Teologia Mistica, Epistole: la versione siriaca di Sergio di Rēš‘aynā (VI secolo), tradotto da Emiliano Fiori, CSCO Scriptores Syri, Peeters: Louvain, forthcoming 2013.

Editing of volumes and journals

(1) Monographic section «Origen and Evagrius in Syriac Culture: History, Doctrine and Texts»,  Adamantius 15 (2009), (with prof. Alberto Camplani).


(1) « ‘È lui che mi ha donato la conoscenza senza menzogna’ (Sap 7, 17). Origene, Evagrio, Dionigi e la figura del maestro nel Discorso sulla vita spirituale di Sergio di Resh‘ayna», Adamantius 15 (2009), 43-59.

(2) «Elementi evagriani nella traduzione siriaca di Dionigi l’Areopagita: la strategia di Sergio di Reš‘aynā», Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi 27/1 (2010), 325-334.

(3) L’épitomé syriaque du traité Sur les causes du tout d’Alexandre d’Aphrodise attribué à Serge de Resh‘ayna : édition et traduction », Le Muséon 123 (2010), 127-158.

(4) « Mélange eschatologique et ‘condition spirituelle’ de l’intellect dans le corpus dionysiacum syriaque », Parole de l’Orient 35 (2010), 261-276.

(5) «The impossibility of the apokatastasis in Dionysius the Areopagite», in H. Pietras (ed.), Origeniana decima, Peeters: Leuven, 831-843.

(6) «Sergius of Reš‘aynā and Dionysius: a dialectical fidelity» in J. Watt-J. Loessl (ed.), Interpreting the Bible and Aristotle.  The Alexandrian Commentary Tradition from Rome to Baghdad, Ashgate: Farnham 2011, 179-194.

(7) «The topic of mixture as philosophical key to the understanding of the Divine Names: Dionysius and the Origenist monk Stephen bar Sudaili» in L. Karfikova, M. Havrda (eds.), Nomina divina, Proceedings of the Colloquium dionysiacum held in Prague, 30-31 October 2009, Academic Press: Fribourg 2011, 71-88.

(8) «La cultura filosofica e scientifica greca nella Chiesa siro-occidentale (VI-VIII secolo): un tentativo di interpretazione e uno sguardo d’insieme» in E. Vergani (ed.), Atti del 6° Incontro sull’Oriente Cristiano di tradizione siriaca, Centro Studio Ambrosiano: Milano, 117-144.

(9) «Mystique et liturgie entre Denys l’Aréopagite et le Livre de Hiérothée : aux origines de la mystagogie syro-occidentale», in A. Desreumaux (ed.) Les mystiques syriaques, Geuthner: Paris 2011, 27-44.

(10) « La perte du centre sacramentel et l’ordre du monde. Un point crucial de la réception de Denys l’Aréopagite chez Marsile Ficin », in A. Villani (ed.) Lire les pères de l’Église entre Renaissance et Réforme, Beauchesne : Paris, forthcoming 2012.

Chapters in books

(1) Pseudo-Dionysius, Sul potere sacro celeste (Italian translation of the treatise The Heavenly Hierarchy), in Giorgio Agamben (ed.) Angeli. Ebraismo. Cristianesimo. Islam, Neri Pozza: Vicenza 2009, p. 949-998.


(1) (in Italian) Review of « Damascio, autore del Corpus dionysiacum » by Carlo Maria Mazzucchi (Aevum LXXX, 2006) in Adamantius 14 (2008), p. 670-673.

(2) (in Italian) Review of Pseudo-Dionysius as Polemicist by Rosemary Arthur, Aldershot : Ashgate 2008, in Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi 25/2 (2008), p. 216-220.

(3) (in Italian) Review of The Armenian Scholia on Dionysius the Areopagite. Studies on their Literary and Philological Tradition, by Sergio La Porta, in Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi 26/2 (2009), p. 343-345.

(4) (in English) Review of Vita e studi di Timoteo I, patriarca cristiano di Baghdad by Vittorio Berti, Peeters, Paris 2009, in Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi 28, 2011, p. 514-518.

Entries in encyclopaedias and dictionaries

(1) « Sergius of Resh‘ayna » in Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy, Henrik Lagerlund and Cristina d’Ancona eds., Springer: Heidelberg  2011, p. 1185-1188

(2) « Translations from Greek into Syriac » in Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy, Henrik Lagerlund and Cristina d’Ancona eds., Springer: Heidelberg 2011, p. 1333-1335.

(3) «Angels», in K. Pollmann, W. Otten (eds.), After Augustine, Oxford University Press: Oxford, forthcoming 2013.

Academic work online

(1) Trilingual English-French-Italian section “Syriac”, website of the laboratory “Ancient Writing Systems in the Mediterranean”, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (http://lila.sns.it/mnamon).

Academic Affiliations

  • Board of the journal Adamantius. Annuario di letteratura cristiana antica e di studi giudeoellenistici.
  • Member of IAPS/AIEP (International Association of Patristic Studies)
  • Member of the Société française d’études syriaques. 
  • Member of Syriaca. Associazione italiana di studi siriaci.
  • External collaborator in the ERC-funded project “Floriental. From Babylon to Baghdad : Toward a History of the “Herbal” in the Near East”, led by Dr. Robert Hawley (CNRS, Paris)

Invited Lectures (2008-2013)

University of Paris-IV (Sorbonne) –Cardiff University  – Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem –Oxford University  – Bologna University – Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa – Leiden University – Utrecht University – Heidelberg University – Regensburg University – Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University – Princeton Theological Seminary – Pontificio Collegio Greco, Rome