Guest Lecture by Alon Segev, 16.07.21, 12.15 pm (on Zoom)

16.07.21, 12.15 pm (on Zoom)

Guest Lecture by Alon Segev "Adolf von Harnack and Leo Baeck on the Canonical Status of the Jewish and Christian Testaments"

Starting with Adolf von Harnack's claim (a version of it has been repeatedly voiced by present theologians as well) that the Old Testament should have no canonical validity for Christians in modern era, we will turn, firstly, to Harnack's studies of Marcion and, secondly, to his lectures on the Essence of Christianity in order to see where this claim stems from. We will, thirdly, turn to Leo Baeck's various critical responses to Harnack. We will conclude by asking about the prospect of a fruitful interfaith dialogue between Christians and Jews. The themes treated in this lecture draw upon discussions and arguments known from the Middle Ages and Reformation.

Alon Segev is the author of three books, Political Readings of Descartes in Continental Thought (Bloomsbury 2019), Thinking and Killing: Philosophical Discourse in the Shadow of the Third Reich (De Gruyter 2013), and, with Matthias Morgenstern, Gerhard Kittel's Defense: Apologia of a Tübingen Theologian and New Testament Scholar, December 1946 (Berlin University Press, 2019), and of numerous articles and essays on themes in Jewish and Holocaust Studies and intellectual history. He is a Research Associate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies at Cambridge University and teaches philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.

The online event will be broadcast via Zoom. Please register by 15.07.21 at margareta.diedrich You will receive a link to access the Zoom broadcast on the day.


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