Field Trips

The institute organises excursions at regular intervals. These intend, in keeping with the tradition of the history of Christianity in Berlin, to open up and make accessible to students historical texts and material artefacts, landscape contexts and the contemporary situation at certain locations and in the regions of Early Christianity. In addition to regular, smaller excursions as part of the lecture cycle, larger excursions are also offered, like the following, for example:

2013        Sehen lernen in Rom (mit Prof. Gesine Weinmiller)
2012        Opfer im biblischen Israel und heute (mit Prof. Bernd Schipper)
2011        Ägypten und Sinai (mit Prof. Gerhard Wolf)
2008        Syrien
2007        Kleinasien
2006        Ostpreußen

In order to see the pictures of our field trips, go to our "Multimedia".


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